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PrintLink is a boutique recruitment agency for the packaging, printing, and labels industry.

As senior recruiters representing a search firm, we believe in the art and science of connecting the dots.

Which career path suits you best?

Where can you find the best talent for your business?

Our industry has evolved in the last 20 years, and so has the world of recruitment for packaging, printing, and labels.

Our results come from building professional relationships. It takes time and effort, but we wouldn’t be here today without a genuine passion for offering recruiting assistance.

Are you looking to hire talent or seeking new job opportunities? Jobs in printing are near you, and qualified candidates are out there. Let’s work together to make the connection happen!

Who We Are

Whether you’re looking for new talent or a new career path, you’ll find yourself at home here.

PrintLink has connected top talent in sales, operations, and technology with job opportunities in packaging and printing since 1994.

We research, network, and share to deliver results and build a community. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and results that meet your professional and business needs, every day.

Why Print and Packaging?

When you think of printing, paper, and ink probably come to mind. That’s a good thing. It’s what we’re built on! But that’s not all.

Today, packaging encompasses a dedicated industry of its own, all built on a printing heritage — and full of opportunity.

A hidden gem in manufacturing

Today’s print industry is a robust, innovative space. It’s packed with potential, whether you’re a digital print production manager or packaging engineer. The opportunities are out there — you’ll be surprised at how far your skills can go!

A transferable toolkit for tomorrow

Design, production, sales: the processes at the heart of printing have more in common with other specialty manufacturing than you might think. Skills honed in the printing industry are fundamentally valuable, versatile, and easy to leverage in the modern marketplace.

An old craft for a new world

Over the last year, printing technology has grown to include inkjet and toner printing alongside traditional presses, making more possible than ever before.

A customer’s secret weapon

Printing is steeped in a tradition of service. We’ve been creating tools to help people and products showcase their best assets for generations.

These labels, signage, and books boost business’ sales and connect with customers daily. Today, they join the folding carton and flexible packaging tools crafted in the packaging industry to create complete customer experiences every day (and often, direct-to-doorstep).

An authentic community

The packaging and print industry is built on real people who do real work. We’re proud to know them, and can’t wait to introduce you, too.

Genuine recommendations and true connection matter here. With over 100 years of combined experience on our team at PrintLink, this passionate, hard-working community means the world to us, and we’re here to help build opportunity – for tomorrow and beyond.

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