Folding Carton – Printing Plant Manager

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Bachelors of Science, Engineering


Currently in the Milwaukee area and looking for opportunities anywhere in Wisconsin


Arnold Kahn


Arnie Kahn formed PrintLink in 1994. Having owned Printing and Prepress Companies for many years, Arnie recognized a need for a Professional Recruiting firm where consultative recruiting services were not being provided by individuals with actual hands-on experience in our industry who understood the technology and workflow. PrintLink filled that void and Arnie has written articles for trade publications and has been a guest speaker at trade shows throughout his career. Arnie enjoys helping candidates and hiring managers find the right fit. An industry leader for decades, Arnie recognizes that human capital is what drives a successful business. When not working, he and his wife spend time with their family in Rhode Island and New York and enjoy reading, hiking, cooking and international travel. Arnie graduated from Ohio University with a Degree in Business and Journalism.

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